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Presidents Day Super Bonus Times Tournament!

1 00425192 $5,000.00   MICHAEL W 187,890
2 00618829 $4,000.00   JARRETT B 177,450
3 00945977 $3,000.00   BRIANNA C 175,815
4 01082597 $2,000.00   JOHN S 165,240
5 00142555 $1,000.00   LISA K 163,730
6 00027255 $500.00   DENNIS B 149,290
7 00933771 $500.00   MEI R  146,680
8 00436451 $500.00   LINDA B 146,540
9 00006123 $500.00   MARGARET H  140,365
10 00797467 $500.00   LILLIAN V 138,090
11 00805786 $500.00   CHRISTOPHER M 136,670
12 00592811 $500.00   JOHN K  135,565
13 00011956 $500.00   CYNTHIA H  135,365
14 00191890 $500.00   KATHLEEN F 133,095
15 00012296 $500.00   CARMEN M  132,550
16 00226749 $200.00   LYDIA B 132,525
17 00789863 $200.00   JOHN T 131,755
18 01024572 $200.00   LAURA P  131,200
19 00025667 $200.00   GERALDIN T 129,180
20 00022700 $200.00   ALMA O 128,415
1 PM TO 5 PM

1 01022572 $5,000.00 CAROLYN CAROLYN S.
2 00521403 $4,000.00 ESTELLA ESTELLA S.
3 00110840 $3,000.00 SHAWNA SHAWNA A.
4 00649704 $2,000.00 JAMES JAMES H.
5 00737363 $1,000.00 TASHA TASHA B.
6 00279277 $500.00 MATILDA MATILDA D.
7 00170858 $500.00 VINCENT VINCENT W.
8 00230259 $500.00 ELIZABETH ELIZABETH J.
9 00793766 $500.00 ERIC ERIC P.
10 00493655 $500.00 ZHENG ZHENG C.
11 00916666 $500.00 JAMES JAMES B. JR.
12 00487850 $500.00 KEITH KEITH J.
13 00221221 $500.00 MARGUERITE MARGUERITE S.
14 00516388 $500.00 BILL JAMES U.
15 01082542 $500.00 BILL BILL J.
16 00003331 $200.00 GREGORY GREGORY D.
17 00186611 $200.00 JANE JANE R.
18 00295305 $200.00 CAROL CAROL C.
19 00316286 $200.00 MARLENE MARLENE J.
20 01073723 $200.00 QUINSHAWN GRAY C.


1 00420400 $5,000.00 ROBIN ROBIN H.
2 00683522 $4,000.00 MARGRIT MARGRIT H.
3 00216222 $3,000.00 MAUREEN MAUREEN M.
4 00866321 $2,000.00 KAREN KAREN K.
5 01082304 $1,000.00 DUANE DUANE D.
6 00649758 $500.00 RYAN RYAN L.
7 00003218 $500.00 LISA LISA B.
8 00431639 $500.00 JESUS JESUS S.
9 00014166 $500.00 EARLENE EARLENE L.
10 00829620 $500.00 BARBARA BARBARA Z.
11 00667947 $500.00 MARCOS MARCOS V.
12 00987945 $500.00 TANNA TANNA M.
13 00875468 $500.00 ROSALYN ROSALYN W.
14 00069742 $500.00 BETTY BETTY M.
15 00907448 $500.00 SUSAN SUSAN D.
16 00728367 $200.00 CLARENCE CLARENCE S.
17 00253801 $200.00 NANCY NANCY J.
18 00012957 $200.00 GUY GUY N.
19 00343022 $200.00 FRANCIS FRANCIS H. JR.
20 00015477 $200.00 MARGARET MARGARET H.

Pirates Silver

Tuesday, February 19 • 8am – 10pm

You’re guaranteed to win between $10 and $5,000 in Slot dollars! Once you earn 5 points a Pirate’s Silver game will pop up on the screen right on your slot machine.* Choose your treasure to see how much you’ve won!

*Available on any game with an iView or DM Screen. Qualifying participants can only play once.

Beatles Pinball Machine Giveaway!

Drawing Saturday, April 6

 The only Beatles Pinball Machine EVER made with only 1,964 games available!

“Come together, right now” for your chance to win a limited Gold Edition Beatles Pinball Machine!

To join in on Fab Four fun, earn entries by playing your favorite slot machine or table game with your Player Rewards Card January 13 – April 5.

At 9:10pm on Saturday, April 6, we will choose 15 finalists with the help of our Beatles Tribute Band, Beatlemania, at HOPS Stage. One lucky winner will take home the Pinball Machine and the remaining finalists receive groovy Slot Dollar prizes!

To enter, simply activate your entries between 8pm and 9pm on the drawing day for your chance to win!

1 point earned = 1 entry

*Winner must take the Pinball Machine; no substitutions. Players receive one entry for every point earned 6am January 13 through 5:59am, April 6. Points earned are based on qualifying slot and table play with an active rating or qualifying track bets made with your Player Rewards Card. Must be present to win. Winner has 10 minutes to claim prize or prize becomes void. Photos are for illustration only. Actual machine may vary. Winner is responsible for all taxes if applicable.

Mardi Gras Bash!

Tuesday, March 5 • 6pm – 10pm

 Mardi Gras Bash

Enjoy New Orleans style food and drink specials, a festive atmosphere, LIVE entertainment and a chance to win great prizes!

Join us for Fat Tuesday as we turn our Event Room near HOPS into our own section of Bourbon Street

Take the party on the Casino Floor! All Delaware Park Bars will be offering a Hurricane Drink Special – ALL DAY!

Save The Date!

2019 Beers & Gears Dates

 Spring Show – Sunday, June 23
11am – 4pm
(Rain Date Sunday, June 30).

Fall Show – Saturday, October 26
11am – 4pm
(Rain Date October 27).

Virtual Racing

Thursday, February 21
Races Every Hour • 12noon – 8pm

Play our thrilling Bonus Game right at a slot machine for your chance to win multiple times throughout the day! To enter, simply bet $25 on your favorite slot game before the start of each race using your Player Rewards Card. Finish with a Win, Place or Show and your winning prize amount will be automatically downloaded onto your account!

Virtual races are scheduled at the top of the hour. Qualified players can only participate in one virtual race per hour. Be sure to have your Players Rewards Card inserted at a slot machine prior to the start of each race to be successfully entered. Available on any slot machine with an iView or DM screen. Not available on Video Poker or Electronic Table Games. Prizes valid 24 hours from the time of issuance.

Bonus Times Slot Tournaments!

Thursday,February 28 • 12noon – 8pm

(earn 10 or more points in previous month to participate)
Each hour, 100 winners will be selected to receive Slot Dollar prizes up to $200! To enter, play at your favorite slot machine with your Player Rewards Card.

Available on any game with an iView or DM Screen. Not available on Video Poker or Electronic Table Games. Points earned are based on qualifying slot and table play with an active rating or qualifying track bets made with your Player Rewards Card. Prizes are automatically downloaded on winners’ accounts and valid 24 hours from the time of issuance.

First Place Wins

ATR 2018 Best Place to Celebrate Upstate
Best Reel Slots
Best Blackjack
Best Golf Course, White Clay Creek Country Club

Second Place Wins

Best Race Book/Sports Book
Best Slot Tournaments

Third Place Wins

Best Players Club, Player rewards
Casino Where You Feel The Luckiest

Table Games Bonus


Four winners will be selected at each drawing to win $1,000 in CASH!

Earn entries February 18 – April 17 at a qualifying table game.

Drawing Saturday, April 20 • 6pm, 8pm and 10pm.

Earn entries on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Must be a Player Rewards Club member to participate.

Earn Entries and Win Jackpots

Earning Period: February 16 – April 11
Drawing Date: Friday, April 12 ● 7pm, 8pm, 9pm & 10pm

Guests can earn manual entries for hitting a taxable jackpot February 16 – April 11. To enter, participants can place their entries into the drawing drum (located near HOPS Stage) on April 12 for a chance to win $2,000 in Slot Dollars.
Three winners will be selected at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm & 10pm.
Winners have 5 minutes from the time their name is announced to claim prize or prize becomes void.

Players can win more than once.

Table Game Action

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$2 Blackjack Tables

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Player Rewards

There are many ongoing promotions for Player Rewards Members. Join our Player Rewards Club to be eligible for special invitations to exclusive events and promotions, entries for Player Rewards sweepstakes, quarterly rewards, exclusive shopping at our members only Traditions Boutique, more frequent gift giveaways, eligibility to play on our 18-hole championship golf course, White Clay Creek Country Club. Player Rewards Membership is completely FREE.


Book a bus package to the Casino at Delaware Park and get FREE Slot Play. Enjoy over 2,300 of the area’s best paying Slot Machines, Live and Virtual Games, Poker Room, Table Games  and an array of fine dining and casual fare.

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You plan,  participants pay and your organization reaps the rewards!  Your organization must secure transportation for your group. From there you decide what you would like to charge per guest. After transportation costs and miscellaneous fees, the remaining profit from the package is your organizations’ to keep!

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