Delaware Park Racetrack & Slots
777 Delaware Park Blvd.
Wilmington, DE 19804


Phone: 800-41-SLOTS




Baltimore, MD / Bay Bridge, MD / Washington DC

From The Chesapeake Bay Bridge(North):

  • Take Route 301 North to Middletown (Approximately 40 minutes or 45 miles).
  • In Middletown take 299 East for approximately 1 1/2 miles to Route 1/Route 13.
  • Take Routes 1/13 North over the new Bridge over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal at St. Georges (Approximately 10 Minutes or 10 Miles).
  • Follow Route 1 to the Christiana Mall area.
  • You are now on Delaware Route 1/Route 7 headed North. Continue directly ahead for approximately 1 1/2 miles or 5 traffic lights. (After approximately 3/4 of a mile the designation as Route 1 ends and the road becomes Route4/Route 7. It is the same road just different numbers.)
  • Turn left at the fifth traffic light. This is Delaware Park Boulevard. This road will bring you first to the Casino Entrance to Delaware Park.

Camden, Trenton / South Jersey

From New Jersey/New York City (Southwest):

  • Take the New Jersey Turnpike or Route 295 Southwest. (From New York City to Exit 1 at the South end of the Jersey Turnpike is approximately 120 miles. To Delaware Park it is 130 miles or 2 1/2 hours.)
    Cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge (Twin Bridges).
  • Continue on 295 until it joins 495 and 95 Southwest of Wilmington. The combined roads then become 95 approximately 4 miles South of the Memorial Bridge.
  • Leave Interstate 95 at exit 4B Stanton.
  • You are now on Delaware Route 58 (Churchman's Road) headed West.
  • To get to Delaware Park you can turn right after the first light. (This is just beyond the DelTech campus.
  • You are now on Delaware Route 1/Route 7 headed North. Continue directly ahead for approximately 1 mile or 5 traffic lights. (After approximately 1/4 of a mile the designation as Route 1 ends and the road becomes Route4/Route 7.)
  • Turn left at the fifth traffic light. This is Delaware Park Boulevard.
  • This road will bring you first to the Casino Entrance to Delaware Park.

Lancaster, PA / Philadelphia, PA / Reading, PA
West Chester, PA

From The Philadelphia Airport

  • Interstate 95 South to Interstate 495 South
  • Interstate 495 will connect again with Interstate 95 South of Wilmington
  • Continue South on Interstate 95 to Churchmans Road Exit 4B
  • Once off exit keep straight on Route 58 (through five lights).
  • At the 6th light (junction of Route 58 and Route 4) continue
    straight into Delaware Park entrance. This road will first bring you to the clubhouse entrance to Delaware Park.

From Philadelphia Southwest

  • Take Interstate 95 Southwest for approximately 45 to 50 minutes. (It is about 45 miles from Philadelphia to the highway exit for Delaware Park.)
  • Leave Interstate 95 at exit 4B (Stanton, Churchman's Road).
  • You are now on Delaware Route 58 (Churchman's Road) headed West.
  • To get to Delaware Park you may turn right after the first light.
  • You are now on Delaware Route 1/Route 7 headed North. Continue directly ahead for approximately 1 mile or 5 traffic lights. (After approximately 1/4 of a mile the designation as Route 1 ends and the road becomes Route4/Route 7.)
  • Turn left at the fifth traffic light. This is Delaware Park Boulevard.
  • This road will bring you first to the Casino Entrance to Delaware Park.

Delaware, Local / Del Park Blvd. / Del Park Entrances
Fairplay Station / Train Information / Bus Information

Entrances to Delaware Park:

There are three entrances to Delaware Park:

  1. The Kirkwood Entrance is accessible from Kirkwood Highway (Route 2). There is no shuttle bus to the parking area and there is no valet parking. There is handicapped parking area but to reach the Casino or Racetrack you must walk through a tunnel under the railroad.
  2. There is an entrance at the junction of Routes 58 and 4 (Churchman's Road and Ogletown Road). This is the Southwest corner of Park grounds. It is across the street from Christiana Hospital. This entrance provides access to both the Clubhouse and the Casino but is closer to the Clubhouse. (Valet Parking is available $4.00). Shuttle buses run from the Parking Area to the Clubhouse.
  3. There is an entrance near the Junction of Route 4 and 7. This is the Northeast corner of Park grounds. This entrance provides access to both the Casino and the Clubhouse but is closest to the Casino. (Valet Parking is available $4.00). Shuttle buses run from the parking area to the Casino.
Fully Accessible Site

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