Many people use this time of year to think about how the New Year will be different and what they can do in order to make those changes which they have been promising to implement for some time.

Everyone has their own preferences but have you ever considered learning how to dance? Don’t for one minute think that it is only a certain type of person who is able to embrace everything that dancing has to offer because it really does not matter if you are big, small, male, female or anything else for that matter.

Have you ever sat and watched a couple dancing properly, if you have had that pleasure then you really can’t have failed to have been impressed and you probably thought that dancing in that way was probably something that you would never be able to do.

Well, there is good news because every Sunday at Delaware Park there is the opportunity to get involved with their Latin Fiesta Sunday’s and what an opportunity it is. The dance instructors who are involved are highly experienced and first class dancers in their own right, and they have the knack of showing even the most inexperienced how to be Latin dancing like the pro’s in no time at all.

Visit the 18-hole Delaware Golf “White Clay Creek” course at the White Clay Creek Country Club facility in Wilmington, Delaware, located at Delaware Park.

There is only one more Latin Fiesta Sunday this year and that is on Sunday the 29th due to the Christmas celebrations, but everything starts up again on January 12th. The action starts at 7pm and goes on until 11pm and the venue is the HOPS stage at Delaware Park.

This really is an exciting opportunity to learn how to dance in this way and it is rare for instructors of this calibre to be involved with the general public. If learning how to dance is something that you are interested in it is advisable that you grab this opportunity with both hands and get the New Year off to the very best possible start.

The Latin Fiesta Sundays at Delaware Park are nearly over for this year but start again in 2014 so get your dancing shoes out if your New Year’s resolution is to learn how to dance.