If you are a regular visitor to the casino at Delaware Park you will have no doubt already realized that there are a large number of promotions which always seem to be in place throughout each and every month.

With that in mind, there is one section of the Delaware Park website which you should always keep an eye on because it lists all of the highly attractive promotions in an easy to understand manner. This section is the casino calendar and after a quick look will know exactly what offers you will be able to take advantage of to fit in with the days that you are intending to pay the casino a visit.

This calendar can be found at https://www.delawarepark.com/casino/casino-calendar, all you have to do is use the drop down menu for the month that you require and then click on any particular day where you will see all of that day’s promotions clearly displayed with the full details of each.

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To give you a better idea of what the calendar is all about, let’s take a look at one random day in December to see what is going on. December 11th is as good a day as any to choose so all that you have to do is click on each promotion that is on offer for that day and a pop up window will appear which will give full details.

So, back to December 11th, the following promotions are on offer

  • Avalanche of Fun – Slots promotion
  • Car Crazy Ford Giveaway – Fantastic prizes to be won
  • E-Club Slot $ Promo – Another offer for Rewards Club members
  • Jackpot Bonus – Yet another fantastic bonus
  • Table Games Bonus Swp – A huge incentive to play table games at the casino

As you will see, December is packed solid with all sorts of bonuses and promotions so if you are planning a visit, go and take a quick look at what is on offer so that you will be able to take full advantage during your visit. Always remember though, many of these promotions apply to Rewards Club members so join up at your earliest convenience; after all, it is completely free!

Take a look at the Delaware Casino calendar to discover exactly what fantastic promotions are lined up for you over the month ahead.