There has never been a better time to make plans for the next year than over the Christmas holidays, especially if you are one of those people who are determined to take your gambling up to the next level and become a pro.

Just imagine this time next year, instead of feeling stressed out and under pressure from your boss in your normal day job, you could be excitedly mapping out your likely bets or casino visits for the first few weeks of the New Year.

It all sounds great doesn’t it, but one word of warning, you do have to be realistic and work out all of your financial outgoings as well as making sure that you have the backing of your family before you jump in and make the decision to go pro.

When I say that you have to be realistic let me give you an example. Let’s say that your outgoings are $5000 per month, you have saved enough money for a betting bank of $2000 and the most money that you have ever made from your gambling activities over the course of a month is $1000!

Now you are expecting to all of a sudden start earning $5000 plus, each and every month in order to just keep your head above water. Let me tell you now that this situation will put you under enormous pressure and the chances are that you will be lucky to last a couple of months as a pro gambler.

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Instead of realizing your dream, you will be walking into a nightmare so take the time to be realistic. On the other end of the scale, let’s say that your outgoings are $4000 per month and you have been constantly been making this amount per month over the last 12 months. You have a $10,000 betting bank as well as a few thousand in savings which you can fall back on.

Now that is more like it and someone in this position will stand a far better chance of succeeding. Don’t worry if you are not at this level yet though, use it as a benchmark to work towards to become a pro and when you finally do, success will be even sweeter because you will have gone about it the right way.

If you are thinking of going pro, don’t run before you can walk, make sure that everything is in place before you make the big decision.