Sports Betting FAQ2017-03-21T11:11:03-06:00

Sports Betting FAQ

Can I still place a Sports Betting wager?2017-03-21T11:25:56-06:00

Sports Betting is available during the Pro Football Season Only. Sports Betting windows are located on Club 1.

Can you tell me the current line on a specific game?2017-03-21T11:25:35-06:00

Federal laws do not permit us to give odds over the telephone. We have to recommend that guests come in to the Sports Book to review the board odds.

Where can I get Parlay Cards?2017-03-21T11:25:12-06:00

Parlay Cards are updated on our website at approximately noon each Wednesday.

Is there anyway to wager on just one or two games with your ‘total’ options?2017-03-21T11:34:50-06:00

No, see BELOW: the rules are specific in that we have to wager on at least three separate games. Example:

1 Seahawks * -7½ 2 Packers +7½
3 Sea/GB Over 46½ 4 Sea/GB Under 46½
5 Patriots * -6½ 6 Colts +6½
7 NE/IND Over 53½ 8 NE/IND Under 53½
9 Team Carter –½ 10 Team Irvin
11 NFC -2½ 12 AFC +2½
13 NFC/AFC Over 49½ 14 NFC/AFC Under 49 ½

In the above example, there are four games but there are 14 total choices in which you could choose up to 7 for a maximum payout of up to a 7 play parlay. Again, you must touch upon at least three separate games. A selection of 1, 3 and 5 would NOT constitute a wager and neither would a selection of 1,3,5,7 because even though there are four selections, the above only involves the outcome of two games. A 3rd and separate game such as a selection on #10 would need to be used to make a 3rd and separate game. A selection of 1,3,5,7,10 if all were correct, would payout on 5 selections but again, only involves, and has to involve, 3 separate games.

Is there a cut off time to make a bet?2017-03-21T11:23:15-06:00

You can place a bet up until kickoff, however, if the guest is placing a large bet that must be approved then we recommend that the guest allow a few extra minutes before kick off so they don’t get locked out.

Where will the football games be shown?2017-03-21T11:22:30-06:00

During the week, games will be shown on the first floor of the Race and Sports Book. Sports Tellers and Self Serve Betting Terminals are available.

Sports and Race Tellers are designated by overhead signage. The self service terminals are also designated by signage.

On Sundays, in addition to the first floor of the Race and Sports Book, the Sports Bar on the third floor will be open and all televisions on the main floor and the New Castle Room are designated for sports. Simulcast Racing on Sundays will be available on first and second floors of the Race and Sports Book.

On Sundays, throughout the football season, food and drink specials will be available in the Race and Sports Book.

What are your Hours of Operation?2017-08-04T08:09:21-06:00

Post Season hours will be Sunday through Saturday from Noon until 10:00pm seven days a week.

What types of bets can I make?2017-03-21T11:17:57-06:00

Parlay Cards where the odds are fixed. Minimum Bet $2. Max Bet $100 per card.

$100,000 Parlay Card
Reverse Teaser Card
Half-Point Parlay Card
Teaser Card
Super Teaser Card

Favorites Card (Bet Local Teams). Starts September 20th for three weeks.

We also offer Off-the-Board Parlays – Min Bet $5.
Standard Off the Board Parlay.
Point spreads fluctuate. Can bet 3 to 8 teams.
Odds are listed on Odds boards on Club 1.

Off-the-Board Teasers
Can select 6, 6 1/2, 7 and 10 point teasers
Can add points to an underdog point spread or subtract points from a favored team.

Can I bet over the phone or through the internet?2017-03-21T11:17:01-06:00

No. All bets must be handled in person at the Sports Book.

Do you offer Over/Under Bets?2017-03-21T11:16:34-06:00

Yes, over/under wagering will begin with regular season 2013.

If the line changes on an Off-the-Board bet, does this affect my line or payoff?2017-03-21T11:16:07-06:00

No. The line at the time of the wager is listed on your ticket and remains the same. The payoff is also listed on your ticket and does not change except in the case of a push/tie. See the official rules for more details on a push/tie.

Can I make a wager at any of Delaware’s Sports Books or Sports Lottery locations and then cash the tickets at Delaware Park’s Sports Book?2017-03-21T11:15:20-06:00

Example: If I place a wager at Dover Downs; can I cash the ticket at Delaware Park? Yes, all of Delaware’s racetracks are able to cash each others tickets as well as any sports ticket from any of Delaware’s Sports lottery locations.

How do I cash in my winning Sports Betting Ticket?2017-03-21T11:13:33-06:00

Winning tickets may be cashed at any of the Sports Books located at Delaware Park, Dover Downs, or Harrington. None of the facilities offer redemption of winning tickets through the mail. If you would like to redeem your winning ticket through the mail, you must mail the ticket to the Delaware State Lottery Office, whose address is listed on the back of the ticket.

How long do I have to cash a sports betting ticket before it is void?2017-03-21T11:14:52-06:00

Sports betting tickets must be cashed within one year from date of issue.

Are children allowed in the Race and Sports Book?2017-03-21T11:14:34-06:00

Yes, children are allowed in the Race and Sports Book, however all children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What is the legal age to place a bet in the Race and Sports Book?2017-03-21T11:14:16-06:00

The minimum age to place or cash a Sports wager is 21 years of age.