There have been quite a few questions from confused readers about a betting bank and the best way to use it. By now you will probably realize that that a betting bank is imperative for recreational and pro bettors alike if they are interested in maximizing the profit potential from their betting activities.

The thing to remember though is that a betting bank is not much use if a suitable staking plan is used with alongside it. Now if you start to carry out some research to look for ideal staking plans you will no doubt come across those familiar sales letters online which will promise to provide you with a staking plan which will make you a millionaire within the year, at a price of course!

Even though it might sound tempting you would be far better to keep your hand in your pocket and stick with a staking plan which will serve you well over the coming months and years, by increasing your profits during a winning run and reducing your losses in a losing run.

This reliable staking plan works by using a set percentage of your betting bank for every bet that you make. The size of the percentage that you use will really depend on the type of bets that you make.

As an example, if your selections are usually short priced favorites you could probably get away with using a stake of 5% or even 10% of the bank, if you usually go for outsiders then a smaller stake size would be recommended.

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As an example, if you are using 10% per bet and your bank stands at $3000, your bet size would be $300. If your bank had dropped to $1500 your bet size would be $150. Betting in this way really is so effective and as is the case with many things in life, simple is often the best!

If you would like to take your betting up to the next level you should consider using a betting bank with a suitable staking plan, you won’t believe how effective betting in this way can be!