If you have taken the leap to become a professional gambler over the last year it would be a good idea to take some time over the holiday period to evaluate the progress that you have made, and to also be honest with yourself and to admit to any habits that you may have picked up.

If you have not made any mistakes throughout the year you are either kidding yourself or you must be super human so don’t be embarrassed if things have not turned out to be exactly what you expected.

The usual traps that bettors fall into are that they place a bet when they shouldn’t have, as an example; you are visiting the race track and have identified a runner which meets all of the criteria for you to have a bet. You have done everything right so far and are using a percentage of your betting bank to place the bet and even though you are feeling relaxed about the whole thing, you just can’t help but feel excited about a large potential win. Then, after arriving at the track your selection is announced as a non-runner.

The ideal scenario now would be to either watch the other races or take notes, or to simply walk away, but instead, just to add a little interest to what would have been a wasteful visit you decide to place a few bets. Now you may win but that is not really the point, slipping into bad habits like this will make it easier to do it again and as discipline is one of the most important traits of going pro, it is not really a very good idea.

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Just be honest with yourself, recognise where you have gone wrong and make a determined effort not to make the same mistakes again. This is a profession where you will be constantly learning and also fighting a continuing battle against the devil on your shoulder who is telling you to forget the plan and to take risks.

If you can recognise and master these shortcomings you can be safe in the knowledge that you will make a success of your new found career.

If you can learn from your mistakes you could very well have a long and successful professional gambling career in front of you.