There has been quite a response from a few weeks ago when we spoke about paying a tipster for information regarding whatever sport it is that you enjoy placing bets on. There is nothing at all wrong with a paying a tipster for information, after all, some of them are very good, but we spoke about the fact that absolutely anyone could set themselves up as  tipster tomorrow and claim all sorts of results but in reality, they don’t know what they are talking about.

Most of these tipping lines have their own websites where you can search back over their past results but on saying that, they can basically say what they like about their past tips without people knowing if they actually gave them or not.

This is why research on this subject is so valuable; you really cannot spend too much time investigating a service before you subscribe to it because this research will pay you dividends over the long term. Check the forums to find feedback, good or bad, contact the tipping service before you subscribe to find out how quickly they will get back to you and if they just give you a vague reply or go into the details that you require. You can find out an awful lot from how someone conducts themselves in their correspondence with you.

Finally, many tipsters will happily tell you about their winning tips but what about their losing ones. As an example, there was a tipster in the UK who boasted a remarkable winning record from his soccer tips. No one had quite seen anything like it until his secret was discovered.

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It turns out that he was giving a third of his subscribers the home team as a tip in a soccer match, a third the away team and a third the draw. So, he could claim that he gave out a winning tip for each match which I suppose he was, it was just that he was not mentioning the losing tips!

So just be careful before you pay any of your hard earned money to a tipster and make sure that all of their claims can be backed up and verified!

Using a tipster for your betting advice can prove to be extremely popular but just make sure that you carry out your research first!