Have you ever noticed that when an individual is lucky enough to get a big win at a sportsbook, usually as the result of an exotic bet such as a parlay, the sportsbook who have had to pay out seems to want to publicize the fact that someone has won a lot of money off them.

Have you also ever wondered why when these stories are released, it is very rarely because someone has won money from placing a simple single bet, ie, on one team to win?

The reason for this is because the parlay and other bets of a similar nature are big money earners for the sportsbooks. They know only too well than when people read about big wins from small stakes they will be encouraged to place a bet like that themselves at the earliest opportunity, hence more profits for the sportsbooks in question.

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It would be fair to say that the vast majority of pro gamblers would never even consider placing a parlay bet, they know only too well that the bet is geared more towards the recreational gambler who dreams of winning enough from a small stake to enable them buy a new car, go on an exotic vacation or in some cases, to retire on the winnings.

The thing is though, for many people, parlays do have a place and there is little wonder why they are as popular now as they have ever been. For a small amount of money, a parlay or any other kind of exotic bet for that matter, can provide the bettor with a great deal of entertainment and most of us who have place these bets in the past can recall the time when we were on the verge of winning a fortune until one leg of the bet let us down.

If you do go ahead and place a bet of this type, remember the old rule of not betting with more money than you can afford to lose and don’t allow the possibilities of bets like this to cloud your judgement with regards to your gambling goals for the future!

There is no doubt that you can win big money from exotic bets such as the parlay but be realistic about the likelihood of doing so.