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Bonus Policy

What is the Bonus Policy? 

Subject to the rules set out below and at our sole discretion, new players on the may receive a welcome bonus in relation to either the casino offering or the poker offering (the “Welcome Bonus”).

We reserve the right to limit the Welcome Bonus to: (i) one bonus per household or (ii) one bonus per computer terminal. The terms "Initial Deposit Bonus", "First Deposit Bonus", "Match Up Bonus" and "First Time Bonus" all refer to the Welcome Bonus. For more information and terms and conditions in connection with the Welcome Bonus visit the promotion page . 

A player who uses shall be entitled only to one Welcome Bonus. A player who makes a first deposit into an account and who has previously had an account with any other websites or obligations owned or operated by us shall not be entitled to an additional Welcome Bonus, unless we decide otherwise in our sole discretion.

General Bonus Policy Terms and Conditions (inclusive of the Welcome Bonus)  

1. This Bonus Policy applies to all event or promotion funds received in excess of regular payouts. 

2. At our sole discretion, we may amend, modify, update, lengthen, shorten or terminate the terms of any bonus promotion or any parts thereof.

3. Players may be required to submit a confirmation prior to receiving any bonus. In such cases, failure to confirm the bonus and provide a certified email address may render such bonus void. 

4. We will deposit all bonuses into a player's account within seventy-two (72) hours of the player becoming eligible to receive them. 

5. The terms and conditions for all bonus promotions shall be read in conjunction with the End-user License Agreement

6. All immediate (non-pending) bonuses may be withdrawn only after a player has collected 2.5 Bonus Points per every $1 of the received bonus amount. For example, a player must first accumulate 25 Bonus Points before withdrawing a bonus totalling $10.  

7. In the event of any type of bonus abuse, as such shall be determined by the Delaware State Lottery, its authorized video lottery agent (the “Video Lottery Agent”) or their agents, we reserve the right to discontinue the player's membership on and retain the monies contained in such players account as well as prevent the player from accessing in the future. 

8. We reserve the right to withhold the amount of any bonus from a player's withdrawal. 

9. All bonuses, promotional offers and related winnings must fulfil points' accumulation requirements within sixty (60) days of being credited to a player's account, or within the period specified in the notification of a promotional offer if different. Otherwise any available bonus amount and promotional offer (and in some cases all winnings generated through same) not used by a player within the relevant time period will be cancelled and removed from the player's bankroll. 

10. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion and at a time of our choosing to revoke any bonuses or any parts thereof. 

11. Any winnings generated from bonus money, whether in whole or in part, shall be paid to the winning player as follows: (i) a payment to the player's real bankroll up to the bet amount that was funded from real money; (ii) a payment to the player's 'bonus wallet' up to the original bonus amount used to fund the bet or up to the amount that was in the player's 'bonus wallet' prior to funding the bet, whichever is greater; and (iii) a payment of remaining winnings to the player's real bankroll if associated with poker games or to the 'bonus wallet' if the general bonus was played in casino games. 

12. Your account is made up of both Available Funds (those that can be used in any applicable game or withdrawn subject to the Withdrawal Policy) and Restricted Funds (the total of bonus funds that have not yet met the wagering requirement and any winnings associated with such bonus funds). If you have both Available Funds and Restricted Funds in your account, the next wager you make will use Restricted Funds first. Available Funds will only be used once your Restricted Funds balance is zero.

13. The jackpot prizes will not increase as a result of wagers made with Restricted Funds, free spins, free play and jackpot vouchers. Only wagers with Available Funds shall increase the jackpot prizes.

14. Bonuses differ according to the offering in which they are played and can be included in more than one offering, or limited to any offering as applicable. 

15. In some cases, if the amount initially deposited in order to generate the bonus is withdrawn, the current bonus amount (and any winnings which may have been generated through the wagering of the bonus amount) will be cancelled. 

16. In relation to any poker related bonus, if the buy-in amount is not returned during the bonus cancellation/expiration/removal following a withdrawal, the bonus will have ‘open transaction' status. During buy-out, the winnings will then be distributed to this bonus in a regular manner (as if it was not expired/cancelled/removed following a withdrawal). Once there are no open transactions left on this bonus, it will then be nullified. 

17. Please be advised that during a campaign or promotion where you receive any additional bonus amount, whether this is part of the original bonus or a separate amount, you may be required to accumulate further points in order to request a withdrawal of the bonus and any accumulated winnings. 

18. Should a player receive more than one bonus, all bets will relate to the wagering requirements of the first received bonus (if not yet fulfilled) and only on completion of the wagering requirements for that bonus, transfer to the second or subsequent bonus. 

19. Some bonuses may only be used on either poker games or casino games. 

20. In the event of a bonus being removed from your account for any reason, we reserve the right to remove the full bonus amount together with any winnings derived from this bonus, irrespective of any point accumulation that may have occurred with the said bonus. 

21. Individual bonus promotions may have additional terms and conditions which will over-ride or contribute to the terms and conditions here stated. 

22. Wagering on casino games may contribute towards the wagering requirement in varying amounts per game. The following is a list of contributions towards wagering requirements for each individual game type: 

Game Category

Game Category

Video Slots & Slots, Arcade, Dice and all other games that do not appear in the table


All versions of Roulette, Triple Card Poker & Poker table games


All versions of Blackjack, Video Poker



a. Wager $500 on Video Slots, the entire $500 (100%) contributes towards the wagering requirements.

b. Wager $500 on Roulette, $100 (20%) contributes towards the wagering requirements.

24. In addition, our Withdrawal Policy applies to all event or promotion funds received in excess of regular payouts.

25. Limitations: The participation in any bonus promotions on Delaware Park Online is open to all our players on Delaware Park Online(unless otherwise mentioned in the promotion communication, or the offer is segmented).

26. Any winnings made in connection with any bonus, may be withdrawn only after the wagering requirement has been fulfilled. If you wish to remove the Welcome Bonus and any related winnings, in order to withdraw your initial deposit please contact our Member Support Department.

Free Spins and free play Bonus:
The following terms will apply to free spins or free Play offered to players:

1. All free spins and free play credited to a player's account must be used within 14 days, unused free spins and free play will be removed from the account thereafter.

2. Free spins and free play wins are considered as a bonus and are subject to the bonus wagering, the Bonus Policy and all other bonus terms.

3. Free spins and free play winnings are granted only after the member has finished playing all of his free spins or free play.

4. Free spins and free play are subject to a maximum winnings amount as determined by the specific promotion terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions in relation to Tournament Tickets (“TrT(s)”):
The terms and conditions found below will apply to eligible players in relation to Tournament Tickets (“TrT(/s)”):

1. A TrT may be granted by us to a player as a type of a bonus.

2. A TrT is a ticket to participate in poker tournaments and Sit & Go tournaments selected by us.

3. We may at any time and in our sole discretion change the tournaments for which a TrT may be used.

4. A TrT possess a fixed value and may only be used in tournaments that have a buy-in equal to that of the value of the TrT. For the avoidance of doubt, TrTs may not be used as a buy-in for a tournament where the buy-in is less than the value of a TrT.

5. A TrT can’t be used by a player to re-buy chips or to add chips to his/her stack during a tournament.

6. TrTs may not be: (i) exchanged or converted into cash; (ii) joined together to create a higher value ticket; or (iii) transferred by a player to another player.

7. Each TrT will be granted with an expiry expiration date. If a TrT is granted as part of a promotion it will expire on the earlier of: (i) termination or expiration of such promotion or (ii) the expiry expiration date of a TrT. Once a TrT has expired or the promotion has ended a player shall immediately forfeit such TrT.

8. In the event that a TrT is granted by us for any tournament which is cancelled prior to it starting, unless otherwise stated in a promotion such TrT will not expire or terminate but may be used by a player in another tournament of our choosing.

9. In the event that a TrT is used in any tournament which is then cancelled by us after it begins, unless otherwise stated in a promotion any compensation will be identical to that of players who have registered for such tournament using cash from their bankroll.

Terms and Conditions in relation to jackpot vouchers:

1. A jackpot voucher can only be used to participate in a jackpot game selected by us.

2. We may at any time change the jackpot game for which a jackpot voucher may be used.

3. Jackpot vouchers may not be: (i) exchanged or converted into cash; (ii) combined to create a higher value jackpot voucher; or (iii) transferred by a player to another player.

4. All jackpot vouchers credited to a player's account expired on the earlier of: (i) 14 days from being granted; or (ii) the expiry date is set out in the applicable promotion-specific terms and conditions made available to you. Any jackpot voucher not used by the end of this period will be removed from the player’s account.

5. Players using a jackpot voucher to play on a jackpot game, will only be entitled to win and receive the jackpot prize and not any other amount in relation to the jackpot game.

6. The jackpot prize won with a jackpot voucher will not be subject to any bonus point requirements.

7. All jackpot winnings will be subject to the provisions set out in the End-user License Agreement, including but not limited to those relating to Jackpot Winnings and verification of a player's win. [888- insert link]

Last updated on 05.31.2018

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