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Withdrawal Policy

As part of our commitment to providing truly superior service, we make every effort to ensure that your withdrawal request is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This withdrawal policy (“Withdrawal Policy”) dictates that players are required to verify their payment method before a cash withdrawal can be made from their account. This validation process is to prevent potential online fraud, and to verify funds are returned to the player's personal account.

Main Verification Documents

a. Proof of bank account number (ACH): A copy of your bank statement with your name and account number or voided check with name and account number clearly visible.

b. Proof of address: This may be submitted in the form of a utility bill or a credit card statement. It should be a recent document showing your full name and address as registered on your account with us. If you provide a credit card statement please ensure that you blank out the eight middle numbers of the credit card.

c. Notarized documentation: Your documents will need to be authenticated by an appropriate qualified Notary/Solicitor and signed and stamped as proof of legitimacy.

d. Photographic ID: This may be submitted in the form of a copy of a Passport, Driver’s License or National ID card. Specifically it is the photograph page of the ID that we require for our verification checks. Please ensure that your name, photograph and signature are visible on the document.

Note: You may be asked for one or a combination of the aforementioned documents, or additional documents not included in the list above.

The following is an explanation of how the withdrawal process works:

Upon entering your withdrawal amount in the cashier, you will be required to verify you are the account holder.

You will need to enter your Delaware Park Online username, password and a token number that will be sent to your email address.

If you withdraw via PayPal you will also need to follow the steps below:
1.             Navigate to the cashier and click on ‘Withdrawal’
2.             In the box on screen, enter the amount you would like to withdraw
3.             Choose PayPal as your preferred withdrawal method
4.             Enter your PayPal username/password
5.             Submit your withdrawal request
6.             PayPal withdrawals typically take 3 – 4 business days to process
7.             The minimum withdrawal with PayPal is $20

Once completing this successfully, you will receive a confirmation message with your withdrawal reference number.

When you deposit to your Delaware Park Online account by bank transfer (ACH) or PayPal  you accumulate what we refer to as a positive "Member Transaction Balance" (as defined herein).

When you request a withdrawal, if possible, your withdrawal will be paid automatically to the payment account for which you have established a positive Member Transaction Balance.

For the purpose of this Withdrawal Policy, the "Member Transaction Balance" shall be defined as any total sum a player has deposited to their Delaware Park Online account via their Bank Transfer (ACH) and, PayPal, less previous withdrawals and/or refunds to this same payment method.

For example, you deposit:
1. $100 using Bank Transfer from bank account X.
2. $50 using Bank Transfer from bank account Y.
3. $200 using Bank Transfer from bank account Z.
4. $100 using PayPal.

Next, you request to withdraw $600 using Bank Transfer.
a. $100 will be paid to account X.
b. $50 will be paid to account Y.
c. $200 will be paid to account Z.
d. $100 will be paid to your PayPal account.
e. The remaining funds ($150) will be paid to the payment account the player specifies, which has been previously verified in accordance with this Withdrawal Policy.

Please note the following important withdrawal information:
Withdrawals requested within the same 24 hours as a deposit, via the same payment method, may be combined as one payment.

In most cases, withdrawal payment credits will be posted as separate transactions, and will not cancel charges resulting from your deposit(s) to your Delaware Park Online account.

Should you have not actively used your chosen payment method to deposit to your account for more than 12 months, this withdrawal option may no longer be available.

If your withdrawal request is for less than the minimum allowable amount, listed below, the funds will be returned to your Bankroll:

The minimum withdrawal amount via Bank Transfer (ACH) and PayPal is $20.

Your authorization or some documentation will be required to process your withdrawal request, and we may ask that you sign a list of your previous deposits to your Delaware Park Online account.

Your payment method verification must be completed within 14 days or your withdrawal will be reversed and the funds returned to your bankroll.

The Delaware State Lottery and its authorized video lottery agent Delaware Park Online (the “Video Lottery Agent”) reserve the right to delay and/or stop the processing of withdrawal requests until final approval has been received for any outstanding deposit transactions.

Bonuses may be withdrawn only after all Bonus Policy requirements have been satisfied. There are no fees charged for any of our withdrawal services, however, your bank or payment processor may levy a fee to process your withdrawal. In the event that we terminate the offering of our business for whatever reason, payouts will be subject to reasonable processing charges.


The Delaware State Lottery and the Video Lottery Agent utilize the most advanced security and encryption technologies available to ensure that your transactions and all of your financial information are completely secure.

Enjoy the tables and Good Luck!

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Last updated on May 4th 2021

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