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Terms and Conditions


Player participation within the Delaware Park Online Rewards Program will be sustained solely upon the full acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

1. The membership and privileges supplied by the Delaware Park Online Rewards Program are exclusive and unique to Delaware Park Online.

2. The Delaware Park Online Rewards Program membership is free, and commences automatically from the point of Money Play usage.

3. Delaware Park Online reserves the right to modify or terminate player membership and Reward rules and conditions, at any time. This includes amending; multipliers, status thresholds, calculation of the Status Points and Reward Points and the number of statuses. Please review these Terms and Conditions regularly in order to be aware of any modifications that may be introduced, of which we are not obliged to notify players.

4. Only individual players registered to Delaware Park Online Money Play accounts may exercise the use of that account.

5. Membership is restricted to individual members only. Play may only be executed by the individual named under that account.

6. Players may not sell, transfer or barter their Reward Points or Status Points in any way.

7. All Status Player Points will be converted to Reward Points from Delaware Park Online Rewards Program’s date of launch at a 1:1 ratio.

8. Reward Points accumulated from casino games are calculated at a 1:1 rate for all statuses.

9. Players’ Reward Points total may only be converted as a whole and not in parts of the total amount.

10. Status Points will be updated on your personal rewards page instantly, from the moment they are earned.

11. Please allow for possible latency periods within your personal rewards page when information is being updated.

12. In the unprecedented occurrence of a conflict in calculations between the Status Progress Bar and our systems, the overruling value will be that of the system’s, and not the Status Progress Bar display.

13. All monthly Status Points will be reset to zero on the 1st of every month. Yearly Status Points will be reset on the 1st of January.

14. Reward Points will expire should a member be inactive at Delaware Park Poker for 3 months or more.

15. Delaware Park Online reserves the right to promote, demote or deny players from any status for any period of time.

16. Upgrades or downgrades from yearly levels are dependent on other conditions set by the Member Support team and not solely on point accumulation. Upon reaching this point, you will be contacted either by email or phone by a member of the team.

17. In rare exceptions, when the player is notified that he has achieved a higher status, the status will only be activated once the player has left several tables in which he has played. This will occur in multi-table scenarios.

18. Any misconduct, unlawful or otherwise, or fraudulent activity within the Delaware Park Online program may result in immediate membership termination.

19. Local laws may prohibit participation within the Delaware Park Online Rewards Program in certain countries.

20. Delaware Park Online Terms and Conditions are solely affiliated to the Delaware Park Online.

21. The Delaware Park Online Member Support team holds the authority to enforce and finalise any decision they see fit within any individual case.

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